May Running Madness: Weeks 2, 3, and 4

Let’s Count Things
May 9 – 15

Runs: 5
Miles: 12.9 (5.5, 2, 2, 1, 2.3)
Times I couldn’t not run to the lake: 1
Parks visited: 3 (Spring Lake, Annadel, Crane Creek)

May 16 – 22

Runs: 4
Miles: 10.7 (2, 2.2, 1.4, 5.1)
Buddy runs: 1, the very best 1
Baths: 2

May 23 – 29

Runs: 3
Miles: 6.7 (1.1, 3.1, 2.5)
Times I ran 5k in under 30 minutes: 1!!!!!
Beers: ??

Let’s not get technical

As you can see from the numbers, my enthusiasm for this goal waned after the middle of the month. I technically failed this goal by missing one run in Week 3 and two runs in Week 4. Still, I feel that I got what I needed from this month, and I’m the boss of me so what I say goes.

The good

I’m glad I gave this a shot. It got me into the habit of running more often, and actually altered my perspective on not running. Running was the default, and the decision not to run was more calculated – I wasn’t just slacking, I was taking a rest day.

I did start out doing more longer runs, which were a LOT of fun but weren’t sustainable through the month. I also reached a major speed goal (look out for a goal update post on this)!

The bad

My legs felt the added stress of running with less recovery time. In the third week I had a little pain in my shins and my knees. After an ambitious start in Week 1, I tried to keep most of my runs to just a mile or two. But that was frustrating too, since the pre- and post-run process takes just as long, even if I only run for half an hour.

I’ve had less time and energy to devote to other things I like to do, particularly cooking and the guitar. I gave the apartment less attention, too – I was busy and tired enough to not care about messes that would usually irk me.

And honestly, I’m tired of washing my hair and my running clothes all the time.

Looking ahead

I’m going to try going down to three or four runs each week. I’d like to focus more on the quality and purpose of the run, rather than running a couple miles just to be able to say that I ran today. And I’d like to take advantage of these long summer afternoons and keep running longer distances!



3 thoughts on “May Running Madness: Weeks 2, 3, and 4

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